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GR2002 Greek Studies


Course organizer Professor Jim Alive


This course lasts for 12 weeks and carrier 3 credits.



About GR2002

This course is appropriate for level 2 students who have no knowledge of Greek culture, and who wish to gain knowledge of laziness, uselessness, know it all attitude and want to learn how to waste their time effectively.



This course enables a student with a basic understanding of human culture to regress to a primitive level of limited communication and uselessness. It provides a theoretical and practical foundation in Greek culture and the Greek style of life. It distinguishes between conceptual models of behaviour and their implementations, and shows how such abstraction can facilitate the development of powerful tools for annoying people just by being Greek.


Learning outcomes


Knowledge & understanding of:

                Frappe creation

                Coffee time lecturing

                Time wasting

                Mastering your know it all attitude

                Smoking and annoying people with your smoke



Intellectual skills

                Ability to abstract conceptual models of Greek behaviour and apply them in different contexts

                Ability to analyse perfectly normal conditions and screw them up through inability or laziness

                Ability to solve problems inefficiently, using the most money and time


Practical skills

                Ability to make Frappe coffee using appropriately chosen tools and materials

                Ability to loudly shout trivial conversations into mobile phones



Transferable skills

                Ability to convince other people just by shouting louder than them

                Ability to convince other people that smoking is good





This course identifies fundamental social situations as the basic building blocks of society, provides means to analyse them through the Greek way of thought, and teaches how to react to these as a typical Greek person: Advanced frappe creation, Pointless and endless political a sports conversations, Shouting, Mobile phone use in every possible way, Smoking, Advanced smoking, Know it all attitude acquisition & use, Shouting louder than everyone else, Convincing through shouting, Time wasting, Advanced gossip etc.


Pre-requisite Qualifications


Pre-requisite Material

Knowledge and observation of Greeks in the wild (or in the Coffee shop))


Teaching & Learning methods


Knowledge & understanding:

Shouted lectures and tutorials in the Refectory. Undirected reading of politically directed newspapers & useless lifestyle magazines.



Intellectual skills:

No assignments with problem-solving components, because the Greeks would be too bored to solve them too


Practical skills

Unsupervised practical sessions (Greek heaven)



Transferable skills

No assignment write-ups to avoid mental overload. No tutorial participation required because the Greeks wouldn't go either



Assessment of Learning outcomes


Knowledge & understanding:

Oral examination (shouting required)



Intellectual skills:

Oral examination to test shouting convincing ability


Practical skills

One practical assignment (Frappe creation)



Transferable skills

One practical assignment (advanced smoking)




75% from a two hour oral (shouted) examination in January. 25% from continuous assessment (based on four exercises in Frappe creation, advance smoking, creative mobile phone use and voice level raising)


Arrangements for resits

Greeks don't do no resits


Reading list

Greek political newspapers and tabloids, Greek lifestyle and gossip magazines


Student Monitoring

Attendance not recorded at tutorials and practicals. Assignment marks recorded, but not taken seriously.


Class Certificate

Departmental regulations for Level 2. But not very strictly taken either.


Disabled Access

We don't care if you are disabled


Degree programmes

Compulsory for everyone wanting to become like, or begin to tolerate, Greeks.

Note: The information on this page refers to session 2001/2002




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